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Daniel Snead

Daniel Snead is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual. These traits help him to stay relevant as he connects with the younger generation in both relationship and business. As the creator of the virtual learning and coaching platform "Best Bet Skills Academy," it's Daniel Snead's mission to ensure that he's giving the next generation the tools necessary to be successful.

Speaking Topics

Discipline is the Difference

Helping Teenagers to Reimagine the Power of Discipline

Learning Outcomes

  • Thoughts are THINGS - they shape, shift and make your life what it is.
  • Disciplined thought is how you have peace within yourself.
  • If you keep thinking about the problem, you’ll never get to the solution.
  • The greatest technology the world has ever seen is the spoken word.
  • Disciplined speech is the building block for success.
  • When you have disciplined actions, you create disciplined character and that changes your life.
  • Discipline is the most authentic when you create it in a space where you don’t care to be.
  • Discipline is a JOURNEY! The skill can be learned and developed.
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What Clients are Saying

“Daniel’s words became affirmations for my students. He gave them an authority that wasn’t authoritarian. He was an expert with expertise that wasn’t dominate to the student. Do not wait for the opportunity to have Daniel interact in a presentation with your students. The opportunity is there and I would say you need to grab that opportunity as soon as you can and book Daniel.”
Julia Postler
Executive Director of Horizons at Warner Program, University of Rochester